About us


Camper-point : not just a Trailer and rv accessories store, we are a Motorhome Lifestyle portal. Our goal is to be able

peoples to build or repair their trucks by providing high-quality Camper accessories, trailers, and RV parts. We also

provide everyone’s who are registrate in our portal with some services such as parking maps and “How to it” tutorials.

We also have the news section where you can find all the information about this type of lifestyle. Each section is

monthly updates, including product selection where you can find the best suppliers in the world who provide very

good quality products.

Our store works with more than 200 suppliers and 50 courier companies, so you will surely find the one that is the best

solutions for you. We can sell the same product from different suppliers and we check who are more near to the

destination address and optimize the delivery process of the products. Together with the Paypal Checkout service, our

store is easy to use and can give a dynamic response with our customers. Check out our 10,000+ positive reviews from

our customers around the world.

We are really happy to the results and we remain of the idea to help more persons possible to realize them

passions.That s why we are called CAMPER-POINT!

We will support your projects with the professionals video tutorials and with the information from our supplies.

You can also share information from the video comments and found the answer you need to realize yours works in the


We want to remember that all self modified van need to a technical revision from a professional store in order to every

statement law.Generally after self build your camper ,you need a engineer to sign your jobs and get the new vehicle


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