12V-24V 150A Dual Batteries Isolator

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1. LED smart flashing, multi-state indication main and secondary battery status.
2. Intelligently adjust the suction time to achieve peak charge and protect the generator.
3. Support two-way power-on , two-way charging and discharging.
4. Low power consumption, does not generate heat, safer and dependable to use.
5. Wide application, suitable for dual battery systems such as motor homes, off-roads, boats.



Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Battery Isolator
Material: Iron
Color: As picture shown
Rated Voltage: 150A
Contact Switching Voltage: 12-24V
Quiescent Current: < 0.3mA
Application: Universal for dual battery systems such as motor homes, off-road, cruise ships.

Main Function:
1. First check whether the voltage of the main battery is 25V, start the engine and detect that the voltage is higher than 26.6V, delay the start of the isolator for five seconds, the main and auxiliary voltmeters display normally, and the two meters have a slight error.

2. When the main and auxiliary voltmeters show that the voltage is below 26V for ten minutes, the isolator is immediately disconnected below 25V. After disconnection, the voltmeter is in a blinking state.

3. The disconnecting voltage of the isolator is 26.6V, it should be emergency borrowed until the main battery voltage is lower than 25V, it will automatically disconnect

4. Charging instructions: The voltage is kept charging during 26.6V-29V, and the voltage is disconnected immediately when it reaches 32V.

5. When the engine is turned off, it is detected that the voltage is lower than 26V and the delay is 10 seconds to disconnect the isolator.

6. When the main battery lacks power and cannot start the engine, press the emergency button to connect to the secondary battery. The emergency button should be turned off immediately after starting the engine, and the isolator returns to normal working state.


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1 x Battery Isolator

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Dual Battery Isolator

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Dual Battery Isolator

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Battery Isolator

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150A Battery Isolator

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Dual Battery Isolator



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Car Battery Protector


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Dual Battery Isolator


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Car Battery Protector


150A Battery Isolator

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