12V 7 to 13 Pin Trailer Socket Adapter Plug



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  • Specifications:
    Material: Plastic + Brass
    Technology: Injection Moulding
    Color: Black
    Input: 12V
    Pin: 7 to 13
    Type: 12N (for European Car)
    Wire Length: 78cm
    Total Length: 100cm
    Wire Gauge: 7 x 0.5mm
    Net Weight: approx. 300g
    Wiring Configuration:
    7 Pin Lighting Connections – 12 N Black Cable Function
    PIN 1 – Yellow Wire (Left/H Direction Indicator)
    PIN 2 – Blue Wire (Rear Fog Lamps)
    PIN 3 – White Wire (Earth Return)
    PIN 4 – Green Wire (Right/H Direction Indicator)
    PIN 5 – Brown Wire (Right/H Tail & No. Plate Lamp)
    PIN 6 – Red Wire (Brake lights)
    PIN 7 – Black Wire (Left/H Tail & No. Plate Lamp)
    13 Pin Lighting Connections – Cable Function
    Pin1 – Yellow Wire (Left Indicator)
    Pin2 – Blue Wire (Fog Light)
    Pin3 – White Wire (Earth Return)
    Pin4 – Green Wire (Right Indicator)
    Pin5 – Brown Wire (Right tail/Side Light)
    Pin6 – Red Wire (Brake/Stop Lights)
    Pin7 – Black Wire (Left tail/Side Light)
    Pin8 – Pink Wire (Reversing Light)
    Pin9 – Orange Wire (12V Permanent power from battery)
    Pin10 – Grey Wire (12V Ignition on ( Battery charging or Fridge)
    Pin11 – White/Black Wire (Earth for Terminal 10)
    Pin 12 – White/Blue Wire (NOT usually used)
    Pin 13 – White/Red Wire (Earth for Terminal 9)
    Note: This shows the standard wiring colors, but your car might not be standard. If it is not then you should note which pin number each wire goes to before removing the old socket and simply connect the new one the same.
    Package Included:
    1 x 7 to 13 Pin Trailer Plug Adapter



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