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Name:Dokio 80W flexible folding solar panel
Material:Monocrystalline silicon
Maximum Power(Pmax): 80W±3%
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp):18.00V
Maximum Power Current (Imp):4.44A
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.50V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc):4.69A
Nominal Operating Cell Temp.(NOCT):-45 to 80℃
Maximum System Voltage: DC1000V
(The above data is based on the laboratory standard test environment)

For field connections,use minimun No.12AWG copper wires insulated for a minimum 90℃

Standard Test Conditions:
AM=1.5 IRRADIANCE=1000W/m2 Temp.=25℃

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After upgrade

We listen to our clients’ suggestions, constantly improved the solar panels. Materials are upgraded.
Replaced from the original aluminum substrate to the current resin insulation board.
Features of the upgraded solar panel:
1, not easy to reflect light, with better absorbance.more stable.
2,heat-insulation capability and insulating capacity become stronger.
3, the hardness is strengthened, not easy to deform.

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The controller’s usb interface output voltage is 5V/2A.
If you don’t connect the battery. Can directly charge your phone and iPad, (support iphone)

The battery and inverter need to be purchased separately. Connect the battery to the inverter using a regular cable.

1. Light: The 80W folding solar panel has a net weight of only 2.4kg. It can be easily lifted with one hand.
2. Convenient to carry: The foldable features make the solar panels more flexible. Expand when in use; fold and carry when hiking.
3. Unique design:
The outer packaging has a pocket that is designed to store the rest of the accessories to make your life easier.
There is a small hole in the middle of the solar panel that allows the middle cable to pass through and is connected to the controller behind the solar panel. Connected to its pocket.
4. Space saving: It takes up a small space and is very thin. It is only the thickness of a mobile phone when it is unfolded, and can be easily stored.
5. Other designs: There are rings on the folded solar panels, which can be used for suspension and fixing.
6. Efficient conversion: 18% conversion efficiency, more efficient than ordinary folded solar panels.

Scenario shows


Foldable Dimension:22x20x0.47(in)/54x50x1.2(cm)
Expansion Dimension:40x22x0.24(in)/100x54x0.6(cm)
Net Weight:2.4kg
(The size is manually measured and there is a certain error.)

Packing List

Packing List:
Package Weight:3.1kg
Package Size:63x61x6cm
Package List:
1*80W Flexible Foldble Solar Panel(40W*2)
Sent at random:
1*3M cable(2*1 cm²),
1*10A 12V XT60 controller,1*English User Manual
PS.Electronic manual available.

The total length of the cable for the solar panel kit is 4M. Two models of 3M cable. Send one of them randomly

Our controller

Controller: DOKIO PWM XT60 controller.
Support 12V lithium ion, lead acid and LiFep04 batteries. (Set the default to lead acid battery)
Simple plug-in interface. Tight connection, loss is 5% less than the average PWM controller.
Don’t need tools, quick installation, and make your life easier.


Delivery area:
China: Using fast logistics, most countries arrive within 10 days.

Poland: 3-8 days. Most of the logistics used are DHL and DPD. There are no tariff issues in EU countries.

Russia: Depending on the region, the time limit is around 5-20 days. There are no tariff issues. It takes longer in remote areas. (China needs 15 days to send to Moscow)

Ukraine: Within 10 days.
Brazil: 5-20 days. Some areas take more than 20 days.

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Foldable Solar Panel


Number of Panels




Flexible Solar Panel



Solar Panel



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Number of Cells



Monocrystalline Silicon

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