Car subwoofer speaker

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1 center mid horns1 Driver bass2 Bass 8 inch2 cover 2 tweeters2 Door mid horns2 Surround mid horn2 tweeter covers2 tweeters4 mid horn covers6 pcs covers
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35 reviews for Car subwoofer speaker

  1. A***o

    I strongly recommend that you change the central speaker. The effect is really great

  2. S***s

    Plug and play door panel speakers and beautiful Berlin covers are all my reasons for praise

  3. K***r

    Změnil plastový plášť původní pozice řidiče a přidal skutečný subwoofer. Skvělý efekt

  4. C***r

    The punching position of the back door is originally reserved, and it fits very well after installation, and it can’t even be seen that it is post-produced

  5. H***i

    The most worth buying is this cover plate. The bright silver is thousands of times better than the original black

  6. N***e

    벤츠 스피커 전문점은 다르다. 품질이 보장되어 있고, 아주 전문적이다.

  7. D***r

    스피커 덮개 다 받았어요. 고음 스피커 케이블이 배송됐어요. 빨리 설치했어요. 스테인리스 고음 덮개 너무 예뻐요. 깔끔하게 설치했어요.

  8. M***

    100% recommend this shop. Sent quickly and well packed. And answered all my questions and gave completely guide. I will buy more speakers from this shop. Satisfied !!

  9. A***r

    I have a 2020 model year w205 C200 4Matic amg. You already know, if your car hasn’t got a burmester sound system, car hasn’t got burmester mid horn covers . I bought 6 covers. 4 pieces for doors and 2 pieces for tweeters. The view of the doors has changed so much. There was a problem at customs office related to the price of goods. Fortunately; the store sent the bill to the customer’s office to deliver it. The seller helped me so much. Good seller, good product. I really advise..

  10. S***r

    The back door found a master to open a working hole, and then added a pair of high notes and a pair of net covers. The sound quality and clarity in the back row improved a lot.

  11. C***h

    Басовый эффект рычаг, отличный продукт, я также купил его, когда увидел, что мой друг купил его, в следующий раз, когда я захочу обновить его при выкупе

  12. C***t

    베를린 베이스 외관은 대기가 있고 메탈 느낌이 강해서 노래를 듣는 데 힘이 될 것 같다. 손에 쥐면 묵직하고 재질이 막대기로 되어 있어 주말에 휴식 후 설치하면 색다른 느낌을 줄 것으로 기대됩니다.

  13. L***y

    Avant, je pensais que le son de BMW convenait également à Mercedes

  14. P***y

    J’ai acheté deux paires de couvercles, j’en ai envoyé un de moins et je l’ai reflété au service à la clientèle. Le service à la clientèle a immédiatement envoyé un autre. Il a géré les choses de manière très positive. C’est un grand vendeur.

  15. M***l

    Zum ersten Mal wurde bei AlieExpress eine Bestellung aufgegeben. Obwohl es sich um einen grenzüberschreitenden Transport handelt, ist die Logistik immer noch sehr leistungsf?hig. Ich habe sie in weniger als einem halben Monat erhalten.

  16. S***o

    Ich habe ein Paar Hochtöner und Abdeckungen gekauft, die alle sehr klein und exquisit sind. Das Horn und das Mercedes-Benz Logo sehen sehr gut aus. Mit einer schönen Abdeckplatte ist es perfekt. Ich habe es vorgehört. Die Klangqualität ist süß und transparent. Wenn Sie das nächste Mal andere Produkte kaufen, haben Sie es verdient.

  17. P***t

    J’ai déjà acheté des haut-parleurs ici auparavant, et la qualité sonore est toujours bonne. Maintenant, achetez quelques couvercles en argent et revenez à l’installation. Avant, le noir était trop ordinaire, ou l’argent était haut de gamme, super.

  18. N***n

    China sigue siendo muy poderosa, mano de obra fina, alta calidad, te recomiendo que compres

  19. M***r

    Absolutely stunning look and quality. OEM. Thank you so much. Communication with the store nothing to complain about, very kind and quick response. I can definitely recommend.

  20. S***o

    A pair of Mercedes-Benz bass ordered on Monday was received in less than two weeks. The transportation speed was still very fast, the packaging was not damaged, and the store’s attitude towards doing things was very good. The bass was very heavy in his hand, which was worthy of being a bass. The installation was relatively simple, and the sound was very shocking and loud. After listening for a week, there was no problem. It was a great shopping experience

  21. K***y

    Mercedes-Benz výškové, vzhled Mercedes-Benz LOGO vypadá skvěle, vypadá pokročilejší a pevnější, prodávající také poslal pár vysokých drátů, spokojen, ještě neinstaloval, myslím, že by to mělo být skvělé.

  22. R***b

    I really have no resistance to the voice of Berlin. I like it very much. I like to enjoy it alone in the car

  23. C***s

    In recent days, I have to work overtime very busy. I asked my wife to help me buy a pair of Mercedes-Benz high-pitched cover plates. Just after I finished my work, I received them. The silver cover plates are good, the color is very good, and the workmanship is fine. It seems that my wife has a good eye. I must give five stars praise for choosing such a beautiful pair of cover plates

  24. D***r

    The material is very good, the workmanship is meticulous, it is very convenient to use, the delivery speed is fast, and the service is good and satisfactory

  25. N***a

    Berlin treble is very transparent, sweet and delicate. It can be described as a thread. With the guarantee of high notes, the sound field is clearer

  26. D***h

    I bought a set of Mercedes-Benz covers. These silver metal covers are exquisite and flawless. The effect of installing in the car is better and more advanced. Chinese products are perfect

  27. N***a

    It is exactly the same as the store’s description, the effect is also very good, the price is affordable, and the installation is simple

  28. B***Y

    Merchants have a good service attitude

  29. C***r

    Balení je neporušené a logistika je velmi rychlá.

  30. M***e

    La housse d’aigus est petite, idéale pour le bricolage audio

  31. C***O

    La perforatrice de 45mm, juste pour percer le trou parfait, avec la hotte d’aigus, est parfaite

  32. B***y

    Le couvercle et le tweeter sont parfaitement adaptés à mon W205, bien reçu

  33. K***l

    Perforador de 45 mm, el tamaño perfecto de la abertura

  34. K***a

    Пара тройных покрышек, супер высокая стоимость, хороший менеджер, отличный опыт покупок

  35. B***o

    The owner is very patient to explain how to connect the speaker. The speaker quality and sound quality are very good! Will repurchase the product again in the future. 5 star recommended good shop!

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