Wind Generator for Roof top installation with Controller 12v 24v 48v


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400w/600w Vertical Wind Power Generators 12v 24v 48v with Free Controller

400w /600w wind turbine datasheet:

wheel diameter: 470mm / 650mm
turbine height: 1105mm / 1480mm
approx weight: 13.5kg / 24kg
blades material: casting aluminium alloy
generator: 3 phase ac output
start up wind speed: 2.0m/s
norminal wind speed: 13m/s
survival wind speed: 45m/s

Details of Wind Turbine Generator 400w and 600w

1. Low start up wind speed
2. Low vibration and low noise: around 40Db-45Db
3. Aluminium Alloy blades with anti-rusty
4. Light weight and Easy installation

Order List:

1) 400w / 600w vertical wind turbine
2) unassembled blades 12pcs
3) 1 unit Flange plate for free
4) 12v/24v MPPT controller or 48v wind controller (not MPPT )
5) packed in wooden box

Notice: to save shipping fees for you, we will dis-assemble the blades. if you need fully assembled wind turbine, please contact sales for new prices about shipping.

Vertical wind turbine real picture

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Q: If i purchased this what else would i need for the set up ?

A: If you purchased this unit I would recommend the following steps. 1st, Determine the height you need and purchase a very strong post, or pole to mount it on. I suggest mounting the support base to the pipe by welding it to a short pipe that can be fitted inside the long pipe. Mount your support pole very securly in the ground, and make certain to use adequate guy wires to hold it securely.
Since this unit comes with a controller, you need at least one 12 volt battery, and one inverter. The wires go from the wind turbine, to the controller, from the controller to the battery, and from the battery to the inverter (assuming you want 110 volt /220volt AC power).
Make CERTAIN that you hook the controller to the battery first thing.

Q: Can the wiring for the wind generator be intergrated into my present solar wiring ?

A: Yes. you can ! You can feed your battery bank with the charge controller included. Both your solar and this charge controller will feed the same bank. It’s the same principal if you add additional solar cells to your array that are of a different type, size, and need their own charge controller (or your own controller is maxed-out). Both can feed the same bank. For instance, in an RV setup, the charge controller feeds the house batteries directly. Yet the engine can be started and the alternator will charge the house batteries normally. No disconnect or other equipment is needed.

Multiple Colors Available

if you need us to paste the LOGOs on the blades, please leave us message while placing the order.

Brand Story

Additional information





Model Number




Shaft Material



Wind Power Generator

Mounting Base

With Mounting Base

Max power of generator

400w or 600w

Start-up wind turbine


Survival wind turbine


Output voltage


Net Weight

17kg / 24kg

Blade material

Casting aluminum alloy

Generator type

maglev generator

Control system


Speed regulation

Automatically adjust windward direction

Working temperature



Vertical Axis Wind Power generator 400w


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