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We are battery pack manufacture , we accept OEM/ODM production. capacity & charge current & discharge current both can be adjusted!

We accept custom bluetooth function for battery!

Tips : this 12v 80ah LiFePo4 battery pack cannot make in series to get voltage pass 30V ,that behaviour will break the BMS inside the battery. Mainly function for gas car 12v battery , replace 12v lead acid battery.

Accept make in parallel,mean 2 pcs can reach 12v 160ah ,3 pcs can reach 12v 240ah, etc….

Normal gas car lifepo4 12v battery din models in our store

12v 80ah 58043 (Din model) specifications charts for example:

3.2v Single Cell Specification


Prismatic LF80


80 Ah

Rated voltage(V)


Typical Impedance (mΩ)


Battery material


12V Battery Pack Parameters

Cells Combination method


Minimal capacity


Norminal Voltage


Max. charge voltage


Discharge cut-off voltage


Max Charge current


Max Discharge current


Cold Cracking Amperes=CCA


Weight (Approx.)


Max. dimension(L×W×H)(mm)


Operating temperature

Charge temperature


Discharge temperature


4 Strings

Protection Board (BMS)

Built in 12V Battery


Single cell over-charge cut-off voltage


Over-charge release voltage


Single cell under-discharge cut-off voltage


Discharge release voltage


Over-discharge cut-off current


Over-discharge cut-off current delay


Short-circuit protection


Short-circuit protection delay


Condition for the recovery of over-current and Short-circuit


Balance current


Balance Condition




1. 58043 assembly by 3.2v 80ah lifepo4 cells 4 pcs , 4S1P ,make 12V 80Ah battery pack; newly Grade A cells , we choose same voltage cell and assemble them. BMS 100A max charge ,150A max discharge .

2. Rated Capacity 12.8v 80ah battery , 1024W, Peak power 13,000 Watt. BMS built .

3. Housing size is 318mm*177mm*188mm.

4. BMS built inside protect each cells , over charge & discharge voltage ,short circuit protection , low temperature & high temperature protection ;

5. Compatible gas car 12V lead acid battery ; mainly gas car model : AUDI-A series & Q series ; BMW-5SERIES; Passat new series .

Tips : We offer the full capacity battery pack , we are the 11 years experiences manufacturer . These buyers who buy this battery, must agree that you are familiar with the safe use of lithium battery Knowledge. Any brokens by human behaviours we wonot keep it in warrenty!

Safety Reminder: DIY assembled when good protective measures, Wear protective goggles, insulated gloves. “+” on the case show positive,”-” on the case show negative , if not any speical description ,please remember.

1. Safety performance improvement , no explosion at the basis large discharge current ;
LiFePo4 12v battery used for car starter battery advantages :

2. Long life more cycles , can use for more than 5 years in normal status ;

3. Good temperature performance , can stand peak temperature 350 celcius degrees.

4. Large capacity in the same house.

5. No memory effect ;

6. Light weight than lead acid used in car.

7. Environmental .

1. Internal structure

blue terminal = negative pole ;

red terminal = positive pole ;

lifepo4 cells pole welding by laser , more stable and safe.

2. please use the charger we suggested to charge the battery . ( the car engine can directly charge the battery ) click charger to buy it .

the right charge methods :

3. Applications

mainly for gas car 12v battery , starter ( high CCA); vehicle electronics tools power supply .

as it is light and portable battery , can use as ourdoor electric tools power .

4 .Cautions

when you consider to buy our battery , you must know the knowledges of lithium battery.

Failure to read the following items may result in battery leakage, explosion, or fire.
— Do not put the battery into water or get it wet;
— Do not use or store batteries near heat sources such as fire or heaters;
— Please use the original charger;
— Do not reverse the positive and negative poles;
— Do not connect the battery directly to a wall outlet or a car cigarette lighter socket;
— Do not throw the battery into fire or heat the battery;
— It is forbidden to short the positive and negative terminals of the battery with wires or other metal objects. It is forbidden to transport or store the battery together with necklaces, hair clips or other metal objects;
– prohibiting impact, throwing or subjecting the battery to mechanical shocks;
– Do not pierce the battery case with nails or other sharp objects, and prohibit hammering or pedaling the battery;
– Direct soldering of battery terminals is prohibited;
– prohibiting the decomposition of the battery in any way;
– Do not charge the battery under fire or extreme heat.
Failure to read the following items may result in battery leakage, explosion, or fire.
– Do not place the battery in a microwave or pressure vessel;
– It is forbidden to use in combination with primary batteries (such as dry batteries) or batteries of different capacities, models and varieties;
— Do not use if the battery emits odor, heat, deformation, discoloration, or any other abnormality; if the battery is being used or charged, immediately remove it from the appliance or the charger and stop using it;
— The battery should be kept out of reach of children. If the child accidentally swallows the battery, seek immediate medical attention.
— if the battery leaks or emits an odor, remove it immediately from an open flame;
Leaked electrolyte may cause fire or explosion;
— If the electrolyte enters the eye after the battery leaks, do not rub it, apply water rinse, and seek medical assistance immediately. If left untreated, your eyes will be hurt.
Do not use batteries in extremely hot environments, such as in direct sunlight or in hot days. Otherwise, the battery may overheat and may catch fire (ignition), which will affect the performance of the battery and shorten the battery life.
Use the battery only under the following conditions, otherwise it will reduce the performance of the battery or shorten the battery life. Using the battery outside of this temperature range may cause overheating, explosion, or fire.
We offer the full capacity battery pack , we are the 11 years experiences manufacturer .

5 . Shipping

1. we usually send out battery by international commercial express, UPS ,FedEx ;but now battery belong to some dangerous goods in some countries , so we send them by special line .

2. It takes 5-10 days by express send to destination ( not including the Lead Time ) ,if send by special line may takes more than 20 days .

​3. Battery goods belong to sensitive items , we produce the best battery , so welcome customer come to our warehouse

4. You can contact with seller for details shipping , do wholesale also can find the sea shipping .

Additional information

Brand Name








Model Number


Nominal Capacity



car battery





Battery Purposes

Compatible Gas Car 12V battery


ABS Case

Case color


Working Voltage


Norminal Capacity


Max. Charge Voltage


Max. Charge Current


Max. Disharge Current


Newly Cells

3.2V 80AH lithium cells

Cells Connected


BMS built


Other Applications

Auto electronics power


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