Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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220V-240V 50Hz220V-240V 60Hz
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When buying an inverter, you must first understand the voltage and frequency used in your country. Purchasing an inverter according to the frequency of your country will greatly improve the conversion efficiency of the inverter. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing. Thank you!

Country /Voltage/Frequency
Denmark :230V/5oHz
United States:120V/220V/60Hz
South Africa:220V/230V50Hz
Sweden: 230V/50Hz
United Kingdom:230V/50Hz

Brand new upgrade, pure sine wave inverter, remote control inverter switch, you can also manually control the inverter switch.
The remote control distance is about 20 meters.

The benefits Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Type: Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Output voltage waveform: Pure sine wave
Power: 3000W / 4000W
Output voltage: 220V-240V
Input voltage: 12V / 24V / 48V / 60V
Output frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Socket: Universal(Commonly used in sockets in all countries)
Packaged included:
1 x Pure Sine Wave Inverter
1 x English User manual
1xCertificate of conformity
1 x Battery thick line
High voltage protection:
12V inverters can only connect to 12V batteries (working voltage range: 9.5V~15.5V), 24V inverters can only connect to 24V batteries (working voltage range: 19.5V~28V) 48V inverters can only connect to 48V batteries (working voltage range:42V~53V) 60V inverters can only connect to 60V batteries (working voltage range: 57V~70V),
When using 12V / 24V to connect the cigarette lighter wire in the car, please do not exceed 300W (12V car). 400W (24V truck).
If this power is exceeded, please connect the battery output to the inverter, otherwise the car fuse will blow.
The benefits Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
1:Aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, light weight, good thermal conductivity, can quickly reduce the temperature of components, work long hours are not affected.
2: Pure sine wave, intelligent filter, does not interfere with electrical appliances, protects electrical appliances. With high conversion efficiency (up to 95%), the low power consumption of the product itself can greatly extend battery life.
3:You can use electrical equipment, including TV / LED lights / LCD displays, especially inductive load appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, induction cookers.
4:Pure sine wave inverter, 220V for city power supply and power quality, so it has.
5: Eight-bit intelligent protection: overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, overheating protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, insurance protection,Intelligent chip control, perfect protection.
6:Intelligent temperature control fan makes the inverter more quiet. When the temperature is ≤45 ℃, the fan stops working; when the temperature is ≥45 ℃, the fan starts working.
7:Buzzer reminder. Once any protection of the inverter is triggered, the inverter will immediately disconnect the power, the load enters the protection mode and reminds people with a buzzer reminder.
The input voltage of 12V inverter and 24V inverter cannot be universal. If the wrong input voltage is selected, the inverter will not work. If you don’t understand anything, please contact customer service, we will reply you as soon as after we see the information. Thank you!

Size and power
Pure sine wave 4000W
Peak power 4000W
Continuous power 2000W
Size: 33CM × 15CM × 7CM
Package weight 2.8kg

Internal display diagram

Size and power
Pure sine wave 3000W
Peak power 3000W
Continuous power 1500W
Size: 28CM × 15CM × 7CM
Package weight 2.3kg

Internal display diagram

Package internal display

Using SMT chip, the inverter is not burned

A power conversion device that converts input low-voltage direct current into high-voltage stable alternating current output.
The output volts of the battery should be consistent with the DC input volts of the inverter. For example, a 12V inverter should be selected for a 12V battery, and the positive and negative poles of the battery should be distinguished when connecting.
H (working time) = U (voltage volts) × I (battery capacity) × 0.8 × 0.9 ÷ electrical power

1. The inverter cannot be connected to the power grid and cannot be used to touch the AC output line by hand. The battery equipped with the inverter can provide more power than the actual power consumption of the appliance. When the battery line is lengthened, the corresponding wire diameter must be doubled Crude.
2. Both of the inverter outputs are live wires, and there is no grounding problem. Do not use any one as a ground wire.
3. Connect the inverter to the load. Do not connect any air switch or leakage protection switch in the middle. Hard operation will not only fail to protect, but will damage the inverter.

1. The inverter is not working.
A. Check whether the plug is inserted in place and whether it is loose.
B. Whether the inverter switch is turned on.
C. Whether the car cigarette lighter jack has voltage output, such as external leads, and whether the polarity is correct.

2. Insufficient output power of the inverter can only drive low-power electrical appliances
A. The capacity of the battery is too small, and electrical appliances must be replaced or reduced.
B. The battery voltage is too low and must be charged or replaced
C. If you change to another car, the inverter is normal, and you need to go to a professional repair shop to thicken the car cigarette lighter jack cable. Use the cigarette lighter jack to not exceed a load of 300W.
D. If it is an external battery, thicken the lead to shorten the lead length

3. The inverter does not work and the FALT light is off
A. The electrical power used exceeds the nominal power, causing protection. Reduce the use of electrical power
B. The battery voltage is too low, the battery must be charged or replaced
C. Reduce the use of power appliances


Additional information

Brand Name



DC/AC Inverters






28CM x 15CM x7CM

Model Number

3000W / 4000W inverter

Output Frequency


Output Type

AC 220V-240V

Output Power



3000W2.3kg 4000W2.8Kg



Output Current


Output waveform

pure sine wave inverter

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    Packaging good and provides good protection during transit. Manual is generic and not specific for this model. There is a large spark on connection of battery leads that I was not expecting. Great to have display of both Battery voltage and AC output voltage. Accuracy of AC volts good but 13.2v incoming DC volts display as 12.9 volts without load. Tested using 700W drill and “3000w” inverter worked fine. Tested with microwave oven 1200w for 10 seconds and AC volts dropped to <200v. This may not be an inverter fault but may be due to current being too high in battery cables and larger cables are needed or LiFePO4 battery (135Ahr) was not happy. Would have expected the manual on/off switch to work even if the remote switch is connected. The remote switch works but quality of box it lives in is not good - was broken when it arrived. The fault led light is lit green under normal conditions. The manual says it should turn red with fault. Would have been better if the fault light was n

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    Works well. The fan is a little bit small so it’s quite loud under load. It takes a moment for the output voltage to stabilise but it’s not a problem. The input voltage display accuracy is quite poor and can’t be relied on. Otherwise these seem like fairly good simple sine wave inverters.

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    تم عمل تجربة المنتج في شحن الهاتف على بطارية السيارة 92Am وهو يعمل ، لكن لم ارى معلومات عن تحمّل المنتج لدرجات الحرارة العالية او المنخفضة في حال تم وضع المنتج في السيارة في مختلف ضروف البيئة! .

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