wiring harness cable DSP Amplifier 4X150W

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You problebly met the following issues when you use your car audio

1.Android car radio/factory radio with bad sound quality,no power at all

2.Midwoofer speaker with bad bass sound dull and unclear

3.Install tranditional car amplifier was too difficult and it need cutting many wires and untidy,moreover it’s big size and volume

4.Tranditional amplifier with simply adjustment of EQ simple low filter and high filter with buttons.

5.The sound field is not high enough,the sound is coming out from under the feet,and it feels exhausted after a long time driving

6.Output power is not enough provided by car radio after change the speaker ,distortion

Question:What’s DSP Amplifier?PUZU DSP amplifier

Answer:DSP amplifier refers to Amplifier with built in digital signal processor chip.you can use computer software or phone app control the sound EQ
Question:What is the difference between traditional Amplifier and DSP amplifier?
Answer:Tranditional amplifier only with the function of simply adjustment of the outpower up and down,while DSP amplifier not only with output power up and down
but also you can use software better manage the amplifier,Attenuate the frequency of overlap in the car,Let the each channel speaker’s sound reach the human ear at the same time by the function of time-delay.Improve the complex listening environment in your car and let your
audio performance in the best postion.
Question:What problems can the car DSP amplifier solve?Why my car need it?
Answer:Automotive DSP amplifiers can solve many common problems in car audio,Such as sound location problems,High, midrange,bass Unclear level ,Bass dull power problem,bad sound surround.Voice turbid and so on.
Question:How much my car audio sound can be improved after installing the PUZU DSP amplifier?
Answer:After installing our DSP amplifier, your original car sound quality will be improved by 70%. If you replace the original car’s speaker, the effect will be very amazing, beyond your imagination. Your car will just like a live concert.
Question:Does my car fit for your Car DSP Amplifier?
Anwser:We have over 300 different ISO wiring harness cable.Pleae check the list below if it is including your car.Or you can ask our sales online,Thank you!
Question:Does PUZU DSP amplifer is wiring harness
Anwser:Yes,no need broken any of your car wires.Take 5 minutes you can finish installation,even if yourself can install it.
Question:Is there a security risk when installing DSP amplifier?
Answer:PUZU DSP smart power amplifier uses special car wiring harness, it will not damage any line of your original car, and our ISO wiring harness has a capacitor protection system without any safety hazards. You can use it with confidence.
Question:What about quality and warranty?
Answer:We provide 2 year warranty time.We strictly control the quality of the product all time,we will test your product before we ship it out.
Question:Does it have a built in cooling fan?
Answer:Yes with cooling fan,
Question:Can this DSP amp for home ?
Answer:No,it’s for car use


  • Please choose the suitable DSP power cable according to the car model and interfaces.
  • Stream favorite music to car speakers via Bluetooth 4.2, with excellent sound quality.
  • 31-band, 4channel input with 6-channel output; Adjustment range from 20Hz to 20kHz; High and low pass filters.
  • Support time delay settings to re-calibrates the audio signal.
  • Pair your smartphone with the DSP box and tailor the sound to your personal preference.
  • Maximum power output 4 x 150 W; Large-capacity filter capacitor; 32-bit DSP chip
  • USB play lossless music
  • bluetooth supported


Please kindly check if your car built in original amplifier system or not?If your car built in factory amplifiery system,we not suggest you buy this item,it’s not plug and play,if you car with factory amplier and still want to use this DSP,then you need unistall the factory amplifier and you need good skill of installation and know the wiring well.



This product is non-destructive audio car modification of new products,exclusive use of quad-care 32-bit DSP processing Chip,nanosecond processing speed;DRC dynamic music processing;using DSP computer tuning technology.Lossless installation,easy tuning,take up a small space.

  • 31-band EQ floating-piont high-precision tuning system.
  • High and low pass filter
  • Adjustable sound field delay to achieve spatial editing.
  • Gain control,phase control
  • Harmonic function.
  • Limiting function.
  • Built-in Bluetooth,support mobile phone to play lossless music.
  • 8 storage modes.


    • Port:1 car dedicated interface;6 RCA input interface;6RCA output interface
    • output power:4X150W
    • Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz
    • T.H.D <0.01%
    • Signal to noise ratio>108dB
    • Isolation:>90dB
    • Operating Voltage:DC12V
    • Dimension:162mmX116mmX43mm


1.Please go to the puzu website download the latest version software for pc and app for smartphone.it support Android system cellphone for free charge.

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2 years

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  1. C***n

    설치하고 몇일 이퀄라이져 조정해서 듣고 있는데 조정하는게 쉽지는 않습니다. 안드로이드 올인원과 결합시에 DSP 기능이 중복되 음향조정은 더 어렵고 노이즈가 약간 있습니다. DSP기능이 없는 순정오디오와 결합시에는 우수한 성능을 발휘합니다. 자체 블루투스 기능을 사용하면 더 우수한 음향을 감상할수 있었습니다. 자채출력이 4회로(FR,FL,RR,RL)만되서 서브우퍼를 장착하려면 별도의 앰프를 추가해야 합니다. 안드로이드 올인원과 결합하려는 분은 광수신 단자가 있는 DSP를(상위기종) 추천합니다. ACC/HOST 선택버튼 HOST선택시 키를 OFF하여도 앰프에 전원이 들어가 있어 불루투스 연결시 시동을 꺼도 오디오가 계속 가동됩니다.

  2. L***k

    배송 완전빠릅니다. 손재주가없어서 근처 블랙박스다는곳에가서 설치비주고 설치했습니다 길고 EQ가 많다고 좋은건 아니고 튜닝능력이 있어햐하는데 그런게 아니라면 한등급 아래로 사세요 그게 진짜 가성비입니다 저는 150달러가 넘어서 부가세 10% 따로 관세냈습니다. 소리는 확실하게 좋아집니다 알갈이가 먼저 되어있었는데 이제야 진짜 알갈이한 스피커능력이 나오네요…. 카오디오쪽 가격을 수입원에서 통제하고있어서 같은제품은 어디가도 다 똑같은 가격일겁니다 PUZU가 빨리 널리 알려져서 카오디오 거품좀 빠졌으면 좋겠습니다 마지막으로 추가로 돈써서 스피커 바꾸려는분들은 절대 오디오샵을 믿지 말라고 말씀드리고 싶네요 dsp앰프튜닝없이 알갈이만 하실거면 거기서 거깁니다 오디오샵 멀리가지마시고 가깝고 친절한 업체 찾아가시면 됩니다 어짜피 가격통제해서 유명한샾이나 집근처에 있는 샵이나 가격이 똑같습니다 유명한샵이라고해서 멀리가봐야 알갈이만 할거면 별거없습니다

  3. C***c

    Wow, the power of the output goes up and it’s completely good sound, it’s not as good as the expensive amplifier, but I like it because it’s a good performance for the price, I recommend it. It’s easy to install if you request a harness cable for the car model. 와우~, 출력 파워가 올라가 완전히 좋은 사운드로 완성됩니다, 비싼 앰프 보다는 부족하겠지만, 가격 대비 충분한 성능 품질이라 마음에 듭니다, 추천합니다 차종에 맞는 하네스 케이블을 요청하시면 쉽게 설치할 수 있습니다.

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