LED Skylight Roof Window Hatch


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LED Skylight Roof Window Hatch With Anti-Insect Net and Sunshade

Please be aware that the ordering size is the Cut hole size, not overall size.


When you order the window, please choose the right fitting thickness for your order.

Production Description

Brand: Maygood

Model: MG16SL

Type: Roof Window

Main Material:

High quality aluminum alloy top frame,

ABS inner frame with LED lights,

Double glazed anti-UV acrylic cover


Top frame: black(standard), white, silver gray

Inner frame: White

Glass: transparent gray

Insect Net: White

Sunshade: White

Opening Angle: 70 degree

Installation Method: Clamping Installation


35-45mm (1.38-1.77 Inch)

45-60mm (1.77-2.36  Inch)



Ordering Size (W x H)                                    Cut Hole Size (W x H)                            Overall Size (W x H)

500x500mm (19.7 x19.7 Inch)                 500x500mm (19.7 x19.7 Inch)              574x574mm (22.6 x22.6 Inch)

700x500mm (27.6 x19.7 Inch)                 700x500mm (27.6 x19.7 Inch)              774x574mm (30.5 x22.6 Inch)



800x500mm (31.5 x19.7 Inch)                800x500mm (31.5 x19.7 Inch)              874x574mm (34.4 x22.6 Inch)


Cut Hole Corner Radius: 4-R70

Net Weight: 9.3KG (20.5 lbs.)


Quick and easy for installation, with LED lights, with anti-insect net and sunshade

Main Functions

Open, close, ventilate, insulate, provide privacy, allow sunlight in, prevent insects, and good water seal. Besides, it is with LED lights for lighting function.

Main Applications

Caravan, trailer, modified car, special vehicle etc.

The listing price does not include any destination duties/taxes/custom fees/etc that will be due when the product arrives at destination countries/regions. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for all custom duty/taxes/custom fees if any.

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