Door Stop Alarm with 120 DB


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1. Dual function: This alarm can be a door stop alarm or a door stopper, when the alarm being triggered and the meantime it will keep the intruder outdoor from you, it’s safe.
2. Extremely loud alarm: 120 dB loud belongs to “unbearable noise” and really loud. Easily can wake the homeowner up, notifies neighbors and scare the intruder away.
3. Easy install: No wiring needed, just put 9v battery in and switch the button on the back to “on” then it can works. The bottoms are made of synthetic rubber for keep the alarm from slipping.
4. 3 sensitivity levers: With an adjustable sensitivity switch on the side easily change the mode.
5. Light-weight: Only 100 grams each stopper, good for carrying when you are travelling or need spend a night at strange environment.
Weight: 100g
Size: 14*4.6*3.8cm
Material: stainless steel + plastic
Alarm volume: 120 decibels
Power: 9V battery *1 (not included)


Package Includes:

1 x Door Stop Alarm(Not Including Battery)


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