Wind Turbine Generator 300W 12V 24V with charger


5 Blades
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Hot Selling 300w 12v 24v vertical wind turbine generator, red and white color, adding charge controller
Packing List:
1 pcs PMG
5 pcs Nylon fiber blades
1 bag bolts and nuts
1 pcs Waterproof Wind Turbine Controller
Start the wind speed is low, high wind energy utilization; small size, good looks, low operating vibration
The installation of user-friendly design, convenient equipment installation, maintenance and repair
Using high-power tracking intelligent microprocessor control, effective regulation of current and voltage
The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, with double bearing carrier, anti-typhoon capacity is stronger, safe and reliable operation
The wind wheel blade with a new technology by precision injection molding, coupled with the optimization of the aerodynamic shape design and structural design, high wind energy utilization factor, an increase of annual power generation
The generator using patented magnetic bearing alternator, coupled with a special stator design, effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, while the wind wheel and the generator has a more good matching characteristics, the unit running reliability.
Vertical axis design, not affected by wind direction.
Datasheet of 100w 200w 300w Vertical Wind Turbine
Item model RV-100 RV-200 RV-300
Rated power 100W 200W 300W
Max. power 130W 220W 310W
Rated voltage 12V or 24V 12V or 24V 12V or 24V
Start-up wind speed 2m/s 2m/s 2m/s
Rated wind speed 15m/s 15m/s 15m/s
Survival wind speed 45m/s 45m/s 45m/s
Main Frame Net Weight 11kg 11.5kg 12kg
Rotor dismeter 0.9m 0.9m 0.9m
Blade quantity 5pcs
Blade material Nylon fiber
Engine model Three-phase ac permanent magnet generator / Permanent magnet suspension generator
Braking method Electromagnetism
Wind adjustment Automatic adjustment of the wind
Operating humidity -40’C~80’C

System Diagram of Wind Turbine


1. If you expect high efficiency Output of power when wind speed is micro , please choose horizontal wind turbine. Horizontal wind turbine is higher efficient than vertical wind turbine. But vertical wind turbine is more safe and quiet.

2. We suggest you use solar panel together with our vertical wind turbine generator. Vertical wind turbine is best suitable for wind/solar hybrid system.

Additional information

Model Number

RV-100W 200W 300W

Shaft Material



Wind Power Generator



Mounting Base

With Mounting Base

Max Power

100w 200w 300w

Rated Voltage

12v or 24v


3 Phase AC Permanent Magnet Generator

Blade material

Nylon fiber


White / Red or as you like

Rotor diameter


Net weight


Blades Quantity


Generator shell material

aluminium alloy casting


Vertical axis wind turbine


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